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Security Statement

Online Security Statement: Client Information security is a top priority at M.Y. Safra Bank. Our firm will continue to adopt new technologies to ensure confidentiality, flexibility, and a superior client experience.

Please be aware of several straightforward security tips when using any internet site containing sensitive information:

  1. Please use a strong password. Choose passwords that are difficult for others to guess and use a different password for each of your online accounts. Use both letters and numbers and a combination of lower case and capital letters.
  2. Change your online banking passwords often. You can do this quickly and easily by signing on and going to the designated area.
  3. Make sure your home computer has the most current anti–virus software. Anti–virus software needs frequent updates to guard against new viruses. We recommend that you use a program that automatically updates your virus protection on a regular basis.
  4. Install a personal firewall to help prevent unauthorized access to your home computer. This is important if you are connected to the internet via a cable modem or other internet access method.
  5. Act quickly if you detect fraud. If you believe someone is trying to commit fraud and/or you think you may have provided personal or account information in response to a fraudulent email or web site, report the incident immediately and change your passwords.